If you are looking for an inspirational speaker to help your teachers bring about change in a school environment ~ John Bell specialises in doing just that.

Engage John to speak with your staff in their school environment and he guarantees to provide a motivating talk designed to bring about inspiration and promote change.

Until you have had the opportunity to engage top schools speaker John Bell to inspire your teaching staff he offers some food for thought

In times when 'Ofsted Results Rule' many educational analysts consider that the main difference between schools that succeed and those that seem to be flounder can be traced back to a level of inspiration held by the teaching staff. Schools inspirational speaker John Bell describes how to go about inspiring your teaching staff.

When your teaching staff are inspired success often follows, which in turn inspires your teachers to yet further success. Successful schools go into a kind of self-perpetuating motion that brings about more and more success.

Take a few moments now to think about one or two of the successful schools in your region and you will know that what I say is correct. It is inspired and inspirational teaching staff that facilitate success.

Long established and well respected schools began to fail when they lose sight of the benefits of inspired teachers and pupils. Inspired teachers inspire pupils. In education inspiration is inseparable from success.

By taking a conscious control of the level of staff held inspiration there is in your school you are assisting your teachers to step outside of a comfort zone that may be condemning your Ofsted related school success to stagnate through procrastination.

If other managerial responsibilities mean you are failing to provide the inspiration your teachers deserve you need to invest in an inspirational speaker who specialises in developing teachers. Here's why:

Inspiring teachers is directly related to staff development and learning in that it involves an intentional process to bring about desired outcomes. In other words - action is required.

Locate a quality school speaker and you are on the right track.

Obviously, in teaching you want your teaching staff to be self-inspired, purposeful in their tasks, with the minimum of direct supervision. School speaker John Bell specialises in inspiring teachers. He is so experienced he not only offers new clients a special, discounted, introductory fee but he also gives a total satisfaction guarantee that if, in your opinion, he fails to inspire your teachers he will forgo his school speaker fee in full.

In teaching, inspiration is predominately an extrinsic condition. Your teachers are beings that respond primarily to some form of external stimuli usually delivered by other teachers. often the Head and Deputy Head of the school.

At a basic level some Head and Deputy Head choose the 'carrot or the stick' method of management. Those heads more experienced in managing teachers have come to realise there are more effective methods of inspiring teachers to improve performance.


There are numerous rules connected to effectively inspiring teachers. Too many to go into in this short piece but, by way of example here are a few to be going on with, heads and deputy head teachers must 'praise in public' and 'chastise in private'.

There is a definite advantage to having teachers inspired by an external inspirational speaker who will often re-enforce important messages the head teacher had been attempting to instal into the ethos of the school.

Judge the correct level of inspiration required by your teaching staff right and you will find it is the piece of the jigsaw you had been searching for to give your school the success of it so rightly deserves.

Inspiration is a way of thinking that needs to permeate the whole philosophy of your school on a day-to-day basis.

Developing inspired teachers at your school is an extremely complex concept. That is why there are so few successful inspirational school speakers available.

Inspiring others is a science that has been investigated and studied over the decades in many ways by many people. Inspiring teachers is a specialist skill.

The most important aspect where success in education is involved is the need for self-actualisation by your teaching staff. By this I refer to the instinctual need of your teaching staff to make the most of their abilities and to strive to be the best they can in the school environment.

Experience tells me that the teachers in your school will want to be inspired, they may simply not know how to go about getting it!

As a head or deputy head teacher at your school here's how you can help to provide inspiration to your teaching staff:

You will inspire your teachers if you help them work toward fulfilling their potential at a level they are capable of achieving.

This is where the difficulty often lies for many head teachers - if teachers are not inspired enough they may fail to reach their true potential in education.

Pushed too far beyond their capability and they become uninspired and will often complain to others of bullying taking place at work. This is why I recommend you leave it to an external trainer who specialises in inspiring teachers'.