When initiating change at your school make sure you also supply the necessary motivation to your teachers. Without the inspiration to implement improvement, little will change. Your teaching staff needs to be motivated to give them an unswerving faith that they can succeed above and beyond their own often-mundane expectations.

The taking of some intended action by a motivator initially precipitates motivation in others. Done correctly it will create a visible energy, which in turn drives teachers forward. It can also become contagious, as other school staff members 'catch' the appropriate, desired behaviour.

Take that action today. The old mantra, 'I'll start tomorrow' doesn't work. Tomorrow never comes as it always refers to sometime in the future.

To motivate teachers is too important to be left for the unforeseeable future. Motivation is the most important factor in the whole concept of effective, school management. It is worthy of substantial investment - general training is not enough.

Whereas the type of personality your teaching staff displays in the school work environment may represent the way they behave, their level of motivation is directly related to why teachers behave in that particular way.

Motivation is a state of mind that is influenced by the school working environment and those teachers we work with. The saying 'one bad apple will rot the barrel' is as true in the school environment as it is in any other walk of life. One un-motivated teacher in a school is like a cancer that needs to be treated or cut out.

Teachers who declare 'This is just the way I am. I can't change' are mistaken. They choose their behaviour and therefore they can be motivated to change such behaviour for the better. Motivation is not a trait but a thought pattern. It is initially formed in the subconscious part of the brain and goes on to effect conscious thought. As stage hypnotists know, and continuously demonstrate, the subconscious mind can be manipulated.

Correctly motivate your teaching staff and you will install an internal energy force within your school that determines all aspects of their future behaviour whilst teaching and will impact on how they think, feel and interact with other members of your school staff. This in turn will help motivate those other members of school support staff.

Motivation is the force that makes teachers behave in a particular way. Inspiration is what a motivator provides to help teachers complete the necessary changes successfully. The method used to achieve such desired behaviour varies from person to person but is often achieved in a 'safe' group situation where an individual can come to terms with the fact that their behaviour is not ideal, thereby allowing non-confrontational change to take place. It can be, and often is, on a subconscious level.

Humour is also a useful tool to bring about changes in a person's behaviour. It makes uncomfortable situations encountered more comfortable. It allows teachers to laugh no matter how grim teaching becomes. It is such a nice feeling people will pay money to others to make them laugh. That could be useful, having your teachers pay you for the privilege of working at your school! Nice feeling isn't it?

Laughter is cathartic; in that it encourages teachers to purge their problems and painful emotions through the joy of laughing.

Motivate your teaching staff by making them laugh.

Motivation is influenced by our personal perceptions of a situation and strengthened by many other factors that create the inspiration to do, or not to do something.

Most teaching environments have members of teaching staff referred to as the 'likeable rouge'. They normally achieve this title by being rebellious whilst making other teachers laugh. This can make them difficult to deal with, as they are usually popular with the majority of staff. Such characters can be mind-trained to reduce their 'rouge' image whilst retaining the 'likeable' benefits they bring through creating laughter and fun in school.

You may have noticed that different things also motivate your teaching staff at different times in the school year. This is at the very heart of personal effectiveness for teachers. When you are highly motivated about teaching, you have great enthusiasm and energy, everything seems to be much easier at school and you advance by leaps and bounds. Good headteachers are those who notice slight undesired changes in a teacherís behaviour and, where appropriate, offer help and understanding to assist them through what may be a particularly difficult time in their life.

Help your teaching staff through their problem(s) and you will provide the motivation that allows an internal process to make them move toward a greater sense of satisfaction. Achieving satisfaction is a goal-directed behaviour.

In teaching, the most expensive asset you possess is your human resources. If your goal as head teacher is to achieve rapid and continuous success for your school you need to invest in the motivation of your teachers. Decide what it is you wish to achieve in your school and then initiate some action. Do it now as tomorrow never comes!


Motivational, humorous, schools speaker and staff development trainer, John Bell specialises in educating, motivating and inspiring teachers and school support staff on INSET (Baker) training days.

He has been speaking professionally for over 35 years, holds a Masters Degree in Education, and at one time worked as a Curriculum Development Inspector for the UK Government.

He is also a former stage hypnotist and stand-up comedian and fascinates teachers as he shares amazing secrets on the workings of the human mind.

If you are looking for something that is totally different for your next INSET day, or you need an in-house trainer to educate, motivate and inspire your teachers and support staff book John now. You will find that delegate energy levels will rise significantly through a powerful and magical combination of post graduate education and laughter.